Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

          Olga, ND

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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church of Olga, North Dakota was officially closed as a parish as of June 26th 2005. Our goal is to preserve the building that has housed Our Lady of the Sacred Heart since it was built in 1922, replacing the church that burnt on March 19, 1922. The parish history of the church began in 1882 when Father Cyrille St. Pierre said the first Mass on May 18 at the home of David Beauchamp the settler who was living here when a group of French accompanied Fr. St Pierre. Below is a drawing of the log church by Father Jack Czapiewski.







This church served the parish until the spring of 1883 when a wooden structure was built. . Pictured (right) in an oil painting by Leo Beauchamp. The parish of our Lady’s grew to three-hundred families and a larger church was soon needed. Plans were made


To build  church  number  three  on  the  site  of the present  church. This  church  served  the parish for a very short time. On March 19th 1922 fire destroyed the building on a Sunday afternoon. To read a full account see The Olga Centennial Book. Determined, the People under the direction of Fr Bastien built the new church. The parish was in the process of building a new rectory but this was soon put to rest as a church was now needed. The basement was able to be used for a second time, so the corner stone still reads 1917. The new building cost $25,000. The parish collected $12,000 insurance on the building. The altar and statues were soon replaced to match what was destroyed.


On the left is Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church as it stands today. On the west is the rectory which was built in 1936 at a cost of  $8,000. The rectory was sold in 2005. The present church has remained one of the most beautiful churches in the area and has been admired by people of all faiths. We feel that it is important to the heritage of  the people who settled in Dakota Territory so many years ago to preserve the church building in its present state and one which can be seen for miles around.

                     Our history is your history!!

Twelve stained glass windows adorn

Our church. They are priceless!!

Most of the windows were sponsored

by families that

Lived in the area at that time.

The altar, pictured on the right, is one of very few in the area that has remained in its original “High Altar Status”. Most were removed in the 60’s when Mass was first celebrated facing the congregation. Along with the high altar are the statues which represent the saints. Some of which are pictured here. Also shown is one of the fourteen stations of the cross, pictured below right.

First, is “Our Lady of the Sacred Heart” , under whose patronage the parish existed, stands high above the center of the altar, holding the infant Jesus and pointing to His Heart. Either side of Mary are the statues of St. Patrick, patron of Ireland and the Irish settlers of the parish and St. John the Baptist, patron saint of  French Canada. June 24th was the feast of St John the Baptist and was celebrated in Olga.

On the right side altar is the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On the left side altar is the statue of St. Ann and Mary, as a child. (not pictured). In the center above is St Joseph, husband of Mary and St Theresa of Lesieux canonized in 1925 and known as the “Little Flower of Jesus.”


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